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We Find Your Target Audience

Our marketing gurus will work strategically with you to develop a custom target audience for you based on your customers.. This ensures that the people you connect with will be more likely to follow back, engage, and become your customer!

We Create More Engagement

We will use our tested and proven organic growth strategy, which involves a continuous mix of following, unfollowing, and liking specific users and images in your target market at the most efficient, yet organic rate possible.

You Gain More Awareness

Our Business Media allows you to save valuable time and money on unnecessary  advertising while building a rewarding social media presence.

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Our Story

Do you want to grow your business? Increase revenue? Build a relationship between your business and your customers? So did I....

My name is Hayden Peddle, I am the founder of Our Business Media. At the age of 17 I opened a small landscaping company. At first I didn’t know where to start, or how to get clients. I spent hundreds of dollars sending out flyers. Spent hours and hours on the phone calling everyone in the phone book. I got 10 clients my first year. The year after that I found the key, social media and online marketing. I spent the same amount on advertising as I did the year before… but this time I had more clients then I could even manage. I now have owned and partnered in 4 businesses, growing them without picking up the phone or sending out a single flyer. After seeing the huge impact social media and online marketing had on my sales and how I connected with my customers, I knew it was time I helped other companies do the same. 

As a business owner it isn’t always easy to manage a website and multiple social media accounts. I understand the importance of focusing on your business. By allowing us to provide you the services and expertise needed to grow your business and increase sales you can spend more time doing what you love and less time worrying about advertising. 

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